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Jessica Lederman (11)

Bad Thoughts

When there's a bad thought right there in your head,
And you can't make it go away.
Then try and think about something nice
Otherwise it may stay.

If it's someone,  something, anyone or anything,
That is right there in your head
Then think of a reason why it needs to stay,
And if you can't then just let it go away!

You could try looking up to the sky,
Or playing with a friend.
And it doesn't go away,
I haven't another idea...

If you have a good thought,
Right there in your head,
Just a little tucked away,
Then release that good thought

And it will chase the bad one away...

Footnote – Jessica (13) currently lives in Lucq du Bearn. This poem was written at Sackville School, East Grinstead Poetry Club. Her poem was published in The Power of Poetry – The South East, Edited by Donna Samworthd, Published Great Britain in 2014.

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