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Poetry Showcase: the hiatus..the new look

Firstly apologies to those of you who signed up to follow The Artful Compendium after reading the poetry posts.

I had a vision of taking the reader through my childhood poetry journey. Then introducing my audience to poetry books I found on my travels in obscure book shops or bought for me as presents by family and friends.

Since childhood I have lugged The Golden Treasury of Poetry from home to home (about 30 in total) all because of one poem The tale of Custard the Dragon , Ogden Nash. Back at the beginning of my blogging journey in August 2014 I sought permission from Nash’s estate agent. Curtis Brown Limited promptly sent back a permission request form for me to populate. Of course as a newbie blogger there was and still is today no way I can predict the life of this blog and as a basic wordpress operator I am unable nor do I want to password proof the blog. To be honest the form derailed me especially as I felt the message of The tale of Custard the Dragon is still relevant.  This long rambling poem tells a tale of how a cowardly, cowardly dragon finds courage to overcome his fears and stand up for himself. It both empowered and entertained my sister and I during childhood. Some of my readers who are also friends have young boys who would happily sit and listen to Custard the Dragon’s story.

For the past ten months I have been at a stalemate with this category. My posts during this time consisting of a friends poem and one of mine. Lately I’ve had time to do a bit of research and with a lot of help from my one-time writing group buddy and successful poet John Adams I believe that I have found a way to present both my poetry books and some to soon be on loan from John. I am and will of course continue to be mindful of copyright laws.

My current thoughts on the way forward is to focus on New Zealand poets who get little to no exposure.   A decision based on my readers who stretch the globe and love my New Zealand Stories blog posts.

I would also appreciate feedback from my readers who signed up to follow The Artful Compendium because of the Poetry Showcase category – so if you have a moment please leave a comment.

2 Responses to “Poetry Showcase: the hiatus..the new look”

  1. carolinebarron

    Hi Anthea, what a great idea. NZ is a small country and it is fantastic to support fellow writers and poets profile in any way possible. Look forward to reading more.



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