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Instagram, love, looking around and poetry…

Love, loss, looking around…

This post takes inspiration from my poetry roots – Massey University’s paper once called Love, loss, looking around, and Insta-poetry.

Instagram a creative door…

Starting the Artful Compendium Instagram account has opened yet another creative door.  The square photograph dynamic of Instagram is both challenging and fun. There is for me a sense of opening my eyes and thinking about the world around me as a canvas. Perhaps this is why lately I’ve drifted off into new creative realms, and started thinking about lifting words off the page and inserting them into photographs. Love the concept but I don’t have the creative bandwidth to go down that path.

An invitation to a journey…

So while I haven’t settled on the “how to execute” this combination of poetry and photography I want it to be an invitation to a journey – for myself and the viewer.

A line of thought, which reminded me of Charles Baudelaire’s beautiful poem Invitation to the Voyage. Charles was born in Paris, the City of Love, so I thought it would be fun and help focus the imagination if I inserted the title and the refrain into my French photographs.

Eiffel tower from Printemps rooftop

Imagine the magic

of living together

there, with all the time in the world

for loving each other,

for loving and dying

where even the landscape resembles you:

the suns dissolved

in overcast skies

have the same mysterious charm for me

as your wayward eyes

through crystal tears,

my sister, my child!

Elegant building Nice, France

Furniture gleaming

with the patina

of time itself in the room we would share;

the rarest flowers

mingling aromas

with amber’s uncertain redonlence;

encrusted ceilings

echoed in mirrors

and Eastern splendor on the walls –

here all would whisper

to the soul in secret

her sweet mother tongue.

Elegant Building Nice, France

On these still canals

the freighters doze

fitfully: their mood is for roving,

and only to flatter

a lover’s fancy

have they put in from the ends of the earth.

By late afternoon

the canals catch fire

as sunset glorifies the town;

the world turns to gold

as it falls asleep

in a fervent light.

Elegant Building Nice, France

* This poem has No Known Copyright Restrictions

To the best of Artful Compendium’s knowledge, under New Zealand law:

  • there is no copyright or other intellectual property rights in this poem in New Zealand; and
  • it may be copied and otherwise re-used in New Zealand without copyright or other intellectual property right related restriction.

2 Responses to “Instagram, love, looking around and poetry…”

  1. Rina (@snowrii)

    Some of my instagram friends insert poetry or quotes into their posts! Such as @asian_impressions and… I can’t remember who else at the top of my head. But there are a couple out there!



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