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100 Days Project – ‘show up and get to work’

Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us show up and get to work.’ Chuck Close.

This opening sentence on the poster announcing The Day 100 Show back in September 2013 drew me into the 100 Days Project. I loved the concept of having a framework plus a community of like-minded people all “committing to doing a creative act every day for 100 consecutive days.” It has taken me two years to find out how to sign up. Unfortunately due to website issues the project was postponed last year – now though its on and I’m in.

100 Days Project 2013 poster

Showing up is not always easy aka My Second Year of Blogging:

A year ago I wrote about juggling blogging with full-time work. My challenge as a self-employed person is ensuring the client is happy with both the work and hours performed, while not getting burnt out. This year another type of work got added into the mix.

For some years I’ve been working towards a BA in English and Media Studies. The year I started my blog I took a break from studies. Now some six or eight papers off finishing it was either do another paper this year or potentially forgo the degree. Naturally I choose to get back into my studies by enrolling in the Popular Culture paper. My criteria for choosing the paper was the semester and assignments versus formal exam. Stage Two paper, no exam, should be easy, yeah no! I was challenged, taken out of my comfort zone and at one stage thought that I would fail the paper. The paper was extremely scholarly, as its roots were based on the political ideals of  people like Marx who liked to understand how society functioned.  The language they used to write their articles, was dry, full of long words like a foreign language that required Google translator to understand what they were talking about. It was though the requirement to write assignments which contained my opinion supported by an argument, that left me doubting my ability to complete the paper. It was an “intimidating challenge” for me. Somewhere along the way I had an epiphany and found the voice I never knew I had, thereby managing to keep my average pass rate.

What little energy I had left went into my exercise program leaving no time left to blog.

24th August 2016 – Day 1 My 100 days Project:

Film Noir style photograph Musee d'Orsay Clock

‘Eighty percent of success is showing up.’ Woody Allen

And as the poster stated ‘why not give yourself and eighty percent head start.’ Given I’ve already committed to taking a very long walk in a couple of weeks time I wanted my project to enhance rather than take away from my blog.

I’m hoping you will like the synergy of my project – a 100 days image diary, which will be a treasure trove of memories from a ‘time in my life.’ 30 days will be spent on the Camino Portuguese and 30 days exploring northern Spain and southwest and southern France.
The point of 100 Days project is to get to the finish line – Day One Hundred. This was how it was with the Popular Culture paper and is my goal for the Camino Portuguese.  While I accept that it will be a journey of challenges I do though want to enjoy myself and have fun with it. So I will heed the advice of Emma Rogan, Producer of 100 Days project and not benchmark myself against the seasoned participants.

My 100 Days Project link – Artful Compendium 100 Days

Day One tomorrow August 24, 2016!!

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