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Thanks for dropping in. The Artful Compendium was born out of my quest to learn how to become a writer. Even though I loved to write the words I chose did not  allow my reader to accompany me on my journeys.

I’m Anthea, a person who made her living from accounting. Then six or so years ago I undertook a writing apprenticeship. Enrolling at Massey University I studied literature and film; papers, which changed my understanding of narrative. Massey’s creative writing papers and the two writing groups I have belonged to throughout those years provided a safe and supportive environment for me to begin writing short stories and poetry. Recently I begun to wonder if my apprenticeship would ever finish.

Late 2014 I walked through a metaphoric door; ditched permanent employment to re-enter the world of contracting and launch my company Compendium Interactive Limited. The first six months of this journey lead me into the world of change management and communications. It may have been writing in the corporate world, but it was writing and I loved it.

In the midst of this change I had an epiphany and poured my energy into getting fit enough to walk the Camino Way, a reasonable challenge for someone who sits at a desk each day. On one of the many solitary long walks I undertook I decided to challenge myself further and start up a blog. Putting myself out into the blogosphere felt like I was jumping off a cliff.

Roald Dahl said, “those who don’t believe in MAGIC will never find it.” I believe in MAGIC. The kind found when you dare to step out of your comfort zone or take the time to disengage from the digital world and listen to the universe. As busyness has engulfed our lives the one time we seem to disengage is on holiday.

I think this is why many of us like to read about travel because those magical moments are buried beneath the debris of our daily lives. Perhaps this is why Aristotle believed reading has healing capabilities.

I never envisioned The Artful Compendium as a travel blog, rather a place to drop into, which is like your favourite music playlist or compilation CD that delivers something special amidst the familiar. But then blogging is a journey.

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