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Brick Bay blog postscript – I own a sheep…

Brick Bay where wine and sculpture unite …

Sculpture trail…

 In this section of my blog I talked about the jersey-clad sheep I had found in a pebbled enclosure near the restaurant. These small creatures with their quizzical smiles while eyeing the nearby grassy fields intrigued me.

Unfortunately I could not locate the exhibition guide and my research had failed to find the artist. Although I asked if anyone else might now of the artist, there was no feedback from my regular readers.

You can therefore, imagine my surprise when I opened up a Christmas present from my sister and discovered this gorgeous creature, who I promptly named Georgia. His jersey reminded me of the Georgia rugby team who had surprised and entertained us during the Rugby World Cup 2015 series. An apt name as the artist turns out to be Gregor Kregar.
Gregor Kregar Sheep Sculpture

Gregor Kregar – Matthew 12:12

Kregar first used sheep in 2003 to explore their relationship between them and man in “both historical and contemporary contexts” within New Zealand’s society and economy. At the time the sheep population had declined to a ration of twelve sheep per head of human population; Kregar naming his live sculptural installation, Matthew 12:12. In this exhibition Kregar placed twelve live sheep dressed in a range of bright coloured “custom-made woolen body suites” within a white picket fence. For those readers worried about the health and safety issues, the sheep were “monitored and supported by the local SPCA and a Doctor of Veterinary science.”

Georgia hails from Kregar’s “slip cast ceramic sculptures” all of which were dressed in various national rugby jerseys as a celebration of the Rugby World Cup held in New Zealand during 2011.

Kregar in presenting art as a tourist souvenir, perhaps asking us to take a close look at the sheep, that like our rugby players represent New Zealand’s national pride and identity, and on a winning day boost our economy.

Thanks Gaye, Georgia is very special and seems to like hanging out under the jade tree on my buffet.


3 Responses to “Brick Bay blog postscript – I own a sheep…”

  1. Gaye

    Looks like you found the perfect home for her. Yes a kitsch souvenir, but not one for the tourists as there’s a limited supply. Glad you love her as much as I do… J

    Liked by 1 person


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